1. Kroomba

    Hello! I’m planning on making a pukei pukei cosplay for an upcoming con. Do you have any tips or tutorials for making something like this? I’m curious as to how you made the corset and giant leather belt :>

    • alex

      Hey there! I used a Yaya Han pattern for the corset, which worked out great: https://cosplay.mccall.com/m7645-products-52639.php?page_id=5767 I modified it to close with Velcro on one side.

      For the belt, I used faux leather and measured around my waist while wearing the top and corset. The belt is sorta shaped like this: \___/ so that it sits on my hips. Once I had the big main belt done I added the hanging straps and pouches and stuff. The buckles are all craft foam that’s been sealed and painted.

      I hope that helps! Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions. Good luck!!

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